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  1. Zx-6R 2008 Special Edition decals

    The ZX6R
    Hi to all, can you please help me find the full stickers for my moto? I tried everywhere but nowhere to be found. I need to repaint my bike and i need them. Don't want to change the design, is fucking awsome. I tried also on motorcycle europe parts and they told me that this model is an US one...
  2. 3d CAD Drawings

    The ZX6R
    Was not sure where to put this post so adding it here. Does anyone know where to get cad drawings of the zx-6r? anything with a 3d model of the bike. I am thinking about doing custom paint and decals so a 3d model of the bike would be something great to draw on to give me a better...
  3. Ensuring appropriate decals when purchasing fairing parts?

    The ZX6R
    I was considering purchasing this part for my black 2013 636: Kawasaki 36040-0133-660 - COVER-TAIL,LH,M.S.BLACK : Cheap Cycle Parts The color is right (Metallic Spark Black) but I was wondering how to make sure I'm getting the appropriate decals. My bike has the R in ZX-6R accented in red, but...
  4. Do you think my bike is pretty ?

    I wanted to cover some scratch and rust spots on my 96 ZX-6R. I got some stickers from Hobby Lobby for $3.0. And here is how it looks now. Let me know your comments. My wife says it looks girly. I told my wife, I consider my bike to be a female and she has to look pretty. So I decorated her in...
  5. 07 ZX6R Decals Replica

    Motorcycle Talk
    I got a 07 silver ZX6R and its about to go into a full paint job. I'm looking for the decal set, OEM are way too expensive ($110 for the tank decal thats crazy), so I'm looking for some other options and found this: Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R Replicas ( 2007 - (2008) He has a user name here, I've...
  6. Stickers?

    The ZX6R
    Hey everyone, so I work at a sign shop and am trying to think of sticker ideas that people in the moto community would like. Stuff that you might put on your bike, or on your cage when you have to make that costco run. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions of stuff that you have always thought would...
  7. decals and such please help!

    The ZX6R
    So I have the blue 06 636 and am trying to find out where to get the monster racing decals for it. I recently went to an event where a guy from Austin tx has a blue one with the blue monster decals... looked hella sick!!! anyone have an idea or can point me in the right way!?!???!!??!?