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  1. Adventure Rides
    I was thinking about taking on the Tail of the Dragon this Saturday, April 26 but I don't have any one to ride with. If any one is going to be there and doesn't mind me tagging along let me know. I live near Anderson/Greenville SC so if any one is local that would be cool.
  2. The ZX6R
    So I got my first laps on the Dragon on my '06 636 today. First time riding a sportbike up there, and I've truly seen the light. Everything I was having trouble doing on my other bikes suddenly seems possible (though I clearly have a lot to learn). It just changes everything to ride a bike made...
  3. Videos
    hello all! Just finished my vid of Deals Gap and wanted to share! it's kinda long, so don't blame ya if you fast forward! lol! Thanks so much for watching and God bless! Heather YouTube - ‪Heathers Draggin' on the Dragon 2 !!‬‏
1-3 of 3 Results