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custom paint

  1. Pictures
    I got a new sponsor for the 2016 race season and they wrapped my bike :D My old 2002 crappy looking matte black zx6r became a beauty. The wrap was done by Dirty Boys Graphics and Wraps in Barrie, On. Before After
  2. Motorcycle Talk
    Im sharpie-ing my bike. what do yall think? :) do you think i could contact some company's for some parts/gear if i put there name/logo on it? i have some real estate left. i personally like the stealth clean look but since i have sharpied my bosses V-Rod and some helmets i figured id just tag...
  3. The ZX6R
    What would you say if I threw out terms like Batman armor, Black pearl, Teal Pearl, Gold accents... yea' that's what I thought. Long story short, a close friend of mine and I decided to paint our bikes as a late fall/early winter project. He's working on my (old) starter bike, an 01 Yama R6, and...
  4. sharpie v-rod

    sharpie v-rod

    i sharpied my boss' v-rod. my ninja is next once the weather is to cold to ride.
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