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  1. ZX6R Totaled

    So we had a Ninja ZX6R 2004 and my dad just totalled it. Guy in front of him pulled out and slammed the brakes without working lights. He bailed thr bike after an attempt to dodge. Bike slid more than 35 meters then hit the curb. Will post photos after I get them. Friend of ours picked it up...
  2. What does the pillion peg bolt onto?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi I've got a 07 p7f that i annoyingly dropped onto its right hand side last summer and the poor girl needs some new fairings and a pillion footrest I had a closer look at the damage yesterday and it's broken the aluminium bracket that the foot rest bolts onto, not the actual rest. I'm going to...
  3. Are frame sliders worth it? Articles and tests.

    Mechanical and Technical
    I was going to write out the pro's and con's due to recent interest but there is already a very good article written at Life at Lean. Here it is: Are Crash Bungs Worth it? Pros & Cons of Crash Bungs and Which to Buy Crash bungs are specially designed stoppers that bolt onto the outside of...
  4. First ride on my 636, and crashed

    Ride Reports
    This summer i was tired of my car and decided to buy myself a bike... After a long time searching, watching a lot of video's i finally found one, a '06 636 with 36k Km on it. A few days later i got my licence to drive, during my dayjob. The moment i had it it was 2Pm,my boss asked me to do a...
  5. Lost My Exhaust Need a New One

    Want to Buy
    Hey Guys! so i had a TwoBros Black Series on my bike. Went down after a bone head mechanic failed to properly install my new levers :coocoo Brakes Locked! i went over the top...Not very fun:O Anyway my Exhaust fell off and im in desperate need of a replacement Slip-on i dont have the OEM. if...
  6. Swapped Levers- Woke up in Hospital! 1st crash

    Mechanical and Technical
    so im hoping to get some kind of insight here.... bare with me http://zx6r.com/images/smilies/dunno.gif I Ordered some cheap adjustable levers from amazon (i know you get what you pay for) so i had a guy install them for me a few days ago. next thing you know i woke up in the hospital...
  7. 1st, 2nd track day experience and Crash

    The ZX6R
    Note: Long Thread, jump to 2nd Track day for Crash. 1st Track Day Zx6r 636 2014 is my first bike, after 8000km did 1st trackday. It was intimidating, frustrating, horrible, awful, shameful etc etc etc lol. The reason for it was because when I reached at the track, the guys had their track...
  8. Crash protection / frame sliders

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, Hoping someone can help. I'm a new rider with an ZX636 C6F 05 plate. Recently got the bike and recently passed my test. Was thinking due to my inexperience that I'd get some crash protectors for the bike just in case. Does anyone know for my particular model if I can get any that...
  9. Just had my first taste of pavement...pretty bitter.

    New Member Introductions
    What's up guys, been a member for a few months now but never had anything interesting to say til now. So I had my first crash on my bike today. I was getting on the interstate earlier and due to cold tires I lowsided on the ramp. I was going about 25 or 30 mph thru the turn and about halfway...
  10. CRASH VIDEO WERA C Superbike 8/3/14

    Here is my crash video from Sundays Race https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz078Ho0meo
  11. Running problems Post Road Collision

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, unfortunately I crashed in april and left the bike in the gqrage for a month after. Finally been paid out and ive got a few bits(fairings etc). My problem now is that *in any gear* she goes up to 30-35mph nice and easy but after that she starts to choke. If I leave her ticking over...
  12. Dropped bike... Did flip... Nothing broken

    Motorcycle Talk
    After a long 2:30 hour ride from Philly to the NYC area, dogging cagers who were frustrated because of the traffic, and 85 degree heat, I made it just in time to have my first official fall. :thumbdown: Making a left from a drive way on to a two Lane Street, my dumb ass noticed that my disk...
  13. Dropped bike on first day of riding?

    Motorcycle Talk
    So a buddy of mine got his license by way of MSF course. He bought a bike and I went with him on a short ride on his first day out. Maybe it should have been a sign when he told me he stalled out like 3 times when he was riding to meet up, but we went out on a short ride anyways. My other...
  14. Went Down - Estimate

    Mechanical and Technical
    How's it going guys , went down for the first time last saturday. Pretty much was in a corner going towards the right when my front tire dumped from under me. I believe it hit a "wetter" patch of road because the road was wet and of my lean angle(nothing crazy). Anyways my knees are just...
  15. Just a reminder for everyone to slow down

    Motorcycle Talk
  16. Lane Splitting Accident

    Motorcycle Talk
    Saw this on YouTube today. There is always a danger when lane splitting but as this video shows, the more risks you take the bigger the chances are for you to ruin a great bike. Ride Safely Bros. Lane Splitting Accident
  17. My Injury - Pics

    Here are some shots of my broken collar bone. I had 5 breaks total, but as you can see from the initial pic, its pretty deceiving and just looks like one big break. It was only when the surgeon cut me open that he realized how badly it was broken. There is an xray of the break, an xray of the...
  18. My season is over :(

    For those of you who didn't see my other thread, I had a bad accident this past weekend at NCBike. Here is the little blurb I wrote about the experience: Well, the bad news continues. I went under the knife yesterday for what was supposed to be a very simple surgery of a small plate and a...
  19. Replacement Farings

    Mechanical and Technical
    Seeking Advice: Replacement Farings Does anyone have any experience with aftermarket farings? I've searched like crazy here, other forums, and google, but I still feel like it's a crap-shoot purchasing aftermarket (Chinese) farings. NiceCycle, Auctmarts, and motorcyclefairing.org seem to be...
  20. My Laid Down Honda CBR600 F4i 99 (Now Parted Out)

    Motorcycle Talk
    Pic Below Are my Honda I put 60K on it in 1 Year. I Laid it down in the mountain in Georgia State in America When I got it it had 15K on it I put a extra 60K.. I Know that's a lot of miles.... But my baby was purring before 1 laid it down at 60MPH.. In the mountains it was a group ride and...