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  1. The ZX6R
    Hello everyone, I laid my bike down last week and I am wondering how much you guys think the repairs would be? I will be taking it to a shop on April 21st for an estimate. Here are some pictures. Thanks for the help!
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    So I brought my bike (2007 zx6r) down to a well known shop in the New Haven area for a valve cover gasket recall. The bike is nearing the 15,000 mile mark quickly so I figured I should have them do a valve adjustment since they are already in there. Now I've done some research and most people...
  3. The ZX6R
    So, i'm basically planning out what protection (Gloves, boots, and pants) I'm planning on getting my self for the summer so if the time comes where I may go down, my ass is protected. Looking at prices and brands, I'm trying to determine what a considerable amount of money can be spent to ensure...