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  1. ZX6R Color Scheme - White/Red vs. Matte Black/Red?

    I've been wanting to complete this project for a while now - this years the year. I have a '07 silver/red combo ZX6R. I want to throw on new fairings, and am strongly leaning towards the White/Red combo. But the matte black/red combo isn't bad either. I'm fairly certain I'm going the...
  2. Is there a difference in color in special edition between the years?

    The ZX6R
    There are some special edition red rims from 2006 for example and others from 2008. Is there a difference in color between the red rims from different years or did they use the same color ? I have a front rim from a 06 and I'm getting a rear from a 2008 both in red and I'm just wondering if they...
  3. "lime Green" colour code?

    Motorcycle Talk
    Hey guys, So i have a completely stock 2005 zx6r Model C1H in "lime green" was wondering if anyone knew the colour code for the fairings? thinking about getting a backup set of aftermarket fairings and want to get the "green" just right. Cheers! Dane