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clicking noise

  1. Clicking Noise in front

    Mechanical and Technical
    So unfortunately first post is a cry for help.. I ride a 2016 ZX6R, KRT, ABS, KIB, and whatever other acronyms there are. I bought the bike new (leftover, wasnt even built yet) the end of July. A week later I got in an accident. Unfortunate timing..... Bike slid about 50 feet on its left side...
  2. fork/wheel/brake noise

    Mechanical and Technical
    hello, i have a 2005 zx6r. Recently i found a clicking noise coming from the front fork area when i put it on the side stand and pump the handlbars, or when i go bumps, or braking. I went through lot of threads and found some ppl taking about tightening the engine mounting bolts. Till now i...
  3. Bike does not start, help identify the issue.

    The ZX6R
    Hello, so I posted here once before. I just got my 2003 zx6r this Friday. Its nice and orange has an aftermarket exhaust and a power commander. I am new to bikes so I have very limited knowledge. Here is my issue: I drove the bike all day yesterday (about 80 miles) parked it in a garage over...