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cbr vs zx6r. street use.

  1. For track riding AND long days 09 cbr or 09 zx6?

    The ZX6R
    My first post here. I need some time sensitive advise, please. I do about five, or six track days a year and take many 200 to 350 mile rides during the riding season (I live in Vermont). I'm used to riding naked sport bikes: speed triple, bandits, sv650s, but through my track addiction, I've...
  2. I am confused!

    New Member Introductions
    Aloha :hehe: I am faced with a serious question? I seriously need some serious help. Although its silly to as on a kawi forum about which bike is better but hey i will ask cause i heard you guys are awsome and no question is a silly question! Which one is better for street use? ZX6r with race...