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  1. SBS Dual carbon and clutch cover gasket

    For sale two sets of SBS dual carbon brake pads and clutch cover gasket for 2013 and up zx6r $85 shipped
  2. WTB: Two Brothers Exhaust for my 2007 ZX6R

    Want to Buy
    I'd like to buy a Two Brothers Exhaust for my 2007 ZX6R, preferably Black or Carbon. Please PM me to shoot me a call/text: 916-two.8.four-2000. Thanks! Tej
  3. Carbon Cowl Cover 09-12???

    The ZX6R
    Is there a company out there that makes a REAL carbon fiber rear seat cowl cover??? I don't want to be stuck with the Kawi factory seat cowl.
  4. carbon fiber<3

    The ZX6R
    how hard would it be to do a little carbon fiber paint job on something small like the front fender? i've been slowly converting small parts of my bike to the carbon fiber look. gonna rig up a custom hugger (any info on this would be greatly appreciated) and want to match the hugger and the...
  5. Hello peeps .... good to get to know ya

    New Member Introductions
    Hiya fellow Kawasakians ................ I've been a member for a while so thought it time to introduce myself :) Had a 98 G1 model for a month now ................. felt really strange to ride at first due to years of owning the RSV Twins. So much so that i was beginning to regret...