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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, Introduce myself quick, then get to the goods. My name is Andy, I am 21 years old and living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Part time mech, full time student. Bought my first bike 6 weeks back, it came in 11 rubbermaid bins, its a 1990 Kawasaki zx6r. It's now recognizable...
  2. The ZX6R
    Intro I'm starting one of these posts because I want a log of what I do to my bike, and wanted to share my experience of upgrading + maintaining the ZX6R. This is my fourth bike; I've owned a '07 Ninja 250(sold), a '94 CBR600F2 (lowside into mountain side, bruised tailbone, good thing I'm...
  3. The Build Thread
    I purchased a 1720 lb. Capacity 4X8 Super Duty Trailer from Harbor Freight to build for carrying two motorcycles to various events. 1720 lb. Capacity 48 in. x 96 in. Super Duty Trailer Follow along as I go over my build out of this trailer to meet my specific needs. Front 4X4 section is...
  4. The Build Thread
    We'll, I'm at it again...funny how a stint of cold weather and boredom gets the gears turning and the bike into a bunch of pieces :tounge2:This is my second go at tearing the bike apart, the first being last summer when I first bought it from a friend. At that time, it wasn't cared for and...
  5. My Stunt Bike Build

    My Stunt Bike Build

    Started November 1st-ish lol && almost done. Weeee!
  6. The Build Thread
    Okay, so ive spent countless hours so far on google and bing looking for information about motor/head work for 2012 zx6r's. A good friend of mine reffered me to KWS but they only do work from I believe 03-07 or 05-07, im considering buying a used head with valves, springs, cams etc.. for about...
  7. Ninja 6 of the Month
  8. The Build Thread
    What happened before the tear down: Removed rear pegs and rear turn signals New Metzeler M5 Rear Tire Installed integrated smoked tail light Installed flush front smoked turn signals Dual Headlight Mod with New H4 bulbs (JOKER’s Mod) Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen New amateur black paint...
  9. Want to Buy
    Looking for a brake lever and a set of mirrors for my 2009 ninja zx6r Also looking for new fairings (black) and a new windscreen. This build is in full force! :devious