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build thread

  1. Want to Buy
    Bought my 98 zx6r a year ago for 500 bucks almost done it now all I need is the head light and cluster looking for OEM
  2. The Build Thread
    So I picked up a 98 zx6r about a year ago go it for 500 bucks and I've been rebuilting it since I've gotten stuck trying to find an oem headlight and gauges if anyone is trying to get get rid of them please let me know I wanna get this bike done for next season
  3. The Build Thread
    Hello All, This will be the start of a Project bike to transform the ZX6R into a ZX6RR. I will update it as I do stuff the bike. It will be street legal but race ready. If you have any questions pm. So it begins.... All Stock This is a thread I started and transferring over.