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  1. 05 ZX6R Brake Light and Blinker wiring HELP!

    Mechanical and Technical
    So i bought an 05 ZX6R from a guy who turned it to a stunt bike. I am in the process of bringing it back to "Stock" and cant seem to find what wires are for blinkers and brake light. If anyone has a better diagram then ive found onliine it would be a huge help! Picture too of course are great...
  2. 2012 ZX6R brake light not working

    Mechanical and Technical
    This bike has had the tst industries integrated taillight on it for 2 and half years. Now all of a sudden my brake light will not work with the front or rear brakes. Has anyone else had this problem? Also the taillight is LED
  3. Competition Werkes Integrated Tail-Light issue! HALP!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey Ladies and Gents, I have a 09 zx6r and thought to myself: hey wouldn't it be great to put an integrated taillight on here? Before you start asking, someone who previously owned this bike put a HORRIBLE fender eliminator kit on here with teeny little turn signals that you couldn't even see...
  4. rear light not workin and bike wont start

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi have a 2004 b1h 636, noticed the other day my rear light wasn't working neither the brake lights so being led thought it was just a fuse that had blown? Checked ecstasy fuse including the one that says "tail" in tb e main fuse box and they all look perfectly fine still no light and now the...
  5. tail light troubles

    Mechanical and Technical
    One day I noticed that my brake light was not registering when I hit the rear break, tried to fix it and then it burned out. A wire was loose and the next day I find that the light wasn't coming on at all front, back or no break at all no light. I bought a whole new light, nothing. Replaced the...
  6. Electrical Problems! Help!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello forum, I currently decided I wanted to rebuild my 04 zx6r from the ground up to have a fully custom bike. Everything was going well until earlier today when I was hooking up the rear tail light. When I plugged it in and turn the bike on they came on right away and brightened when I...
  7. Running led strip issue.

    Mechanical and Technical
    I have two led strips attached to my brake light in this form: remember i have two strips not just one. The black (-) runs to the neg on the battery. This set up runs the led strips at 8v and when the brake is pushed (same as your brake light) they light up. Only problem i have is one led strip...
  8. 12' ZX6R Wiring diagram/schematics?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello All! I'm looking for a wiring map/diagram/schematics for my 2012 ZX6R. I'm trying to install an SDC Backoff Brake Hold Module, but it is quite hard without knowing where the wires are that I need to connect to it. If anyone has or knows where I can find the wiring information please let me...

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I guess first I should introduce myself. I am a new rider, but have been riding bicycles and motocross since before I could walk. A couple weeks ago I finally got my permit (can't have the license yet because I am 20 yrs old), and a nice 2003 zx6rr. I have had a blast riding this...
  10. Tail Light electrical problems

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey Guys and Gals Newbie here, first time posting a post anywhere on the internet really so excuse me if I sound so direct. Im having some issues with my tail light. I have a clear alternatives integrated LED tail light on my 05 636, the tail light went out, turn signals works, brake light...
  11. Electrical problems

    Mechanical and Technical
    Ok so I posted up a thread a week or two ago about my tail light on my 08 zx6r going out. So I found the fuse for the light, replaced it, and it worked. Then I noticed today that the light, is out...I bought a warranty for the bike so hopefully they will take care of it but if they try charging...