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brake fluid

  1. The ZX6R
    Hi guys So ive recently got a used 2012 zx6r with 12k kmh on the clock, the dealership said they serviced it but the front brake fluid seems to be low and rear brake fluid seems to be enough capacity but is complete black, is this normal? I attached photos
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    I have a 2005 zx6r with 33,000 miles that I plan on selling that's been sitting for about two years, and I'm getting it ready before I sell it. When cleaning one of the front calipers, I noticed a little leak (see first picture). I did let the caliper hang a little, but when I pull back over...
  3. New Member Introductions
    This is my first post, guys. I just had a few questions about my bike. I just bought it today and wanted some info from some guys with experience on these bikes. It's an 07 ZX6r as in the title. I bought it from the second owner and it has 5000 and change on it right now. The rims and forks are...