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  1. Mechanical and Technical
    I ride on the balls of my feet at the track and have a larger shoe size so my heel is over the exhaust. It has melted two different pairs of alpine star track boots. Does anybody have any ideas on how to resolve this?
  2. The Ladies Room
    My girlfriend and I are looking for boots for her. She will only be a passenger and wont ride alone. She is very stylish person and pretty picky. She doesn't need track style stuff since she will only ride with me casually, something a little more urban that will be worn with jeans mostly and...
  3. Motorcycle Talk
    Hi, I'm a new member to this forum and a new rider. I have been riding for over a year and a half. I started out on a sv650 and now ride a 2004 zx6r. I want to do a trackday/school. But am having trouble deciding on using my alpinestars smx1 boot that I commute with or buying a cheap bilt...
  4. The Ladies Room
    Hi there, I am starting to shop for boots. I'm 5'4 and could use an extra inch to feel even better on the bike. I've heard Alpinestars and Daytona. Thoughts? Thanks! D
  5. Motorcycle Talk
    Any suggestions on boot brands? i dont want big bulky track style racing boots, just something to protect my feets so i dont have to ruin my new nikes. remember im on a college kid budget! i shop a lot at dennis kirk. lemme know what you think. brands, styles, preferences...?
1-5 of 8 Results