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  1. New Member Introduction

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! I go by the name Nolli. I'm a 33-year-old Graphic Designer from the Treasure Coast of Florida that just got my 2nd Ninja this year. I've wanted a 636 since 2005, but I was so into cars that I never saved the money for a bike. in 2013 I bought my first motorcycle, a 2013 Kawasaki 300...
  2. 07' with Black Widow Exhaust headers

  3. WTB 13 zx6r right fairings (black)

    Want to Buy
    Hey everyone. So I bought a practically new bike with 700 miles, aside from it being dropped in a parking lot on the right side when the previous owner was trying to park. I need to buy the bottom and middle fairings on the right side so if anyone has any black ones for sale please let me...
  4. 07-08 black footpegs

    The ZX6R
    Anyone know or have some black foot pegs for the 07-08 zx6. I've google and got just stuff on eBay I didn't know if there was a better brand. This is about all I've come up with. Black Front Rider Foot Pegs Bracket Fit for Kawasaki zx6r 2005 2006 2007 2008 | eBay
  5. good evening guys and girls (newbie here)

    New Member Introductions
    hey everyone, got a bit of a thing for kawa's, so much so that i own 2 of them! my names shaun. i have a 1997 ZX6R in green that i call mike kawazowski (from monsters inc) and a 2014 ZX636 in black that i have named nightfury (from how to train your dragon) currently live in London England...
  6. WTB: Two Brothers Exhaust for my 2007 ZX6R

    Want to Buy
    I'd like to buy a Two Brothers Exhaust for my 2007 ZX6R, preferably Black or Carbon. Please PM me to shoot me a call/text: 916-two.8.four-2000. Thanks! Tej
  7. HJC csr2 helmet rainbow visor HJ09!!!

    Hey guys I'm just posting pics of my HJC CS-R2 helmet with the rainbow visor. it's a black csr2 hjc helmet with the hj 09 visor. When I was looking at the hj09 rainbow visor I could NEVER find a good pic of the visor and how it actually looked on a helmet. I saw ONE pic with it.....but it wasn't...
  8. Found why my Clutch stopped working....

    Mechanical and Technical
    So yesterday my clutch lever became completely loose and had no play in it after I changed my cable. Thinking it had to do something with the cable, I looked down and the release shaft was loose. Took apart my clutch today and found that the "rod" was broken at the end. What couldve caused this??
  9. 07 Fairing Question

    The ZX6R
    Hey guys, I'm in need of only two fairings for my 07. I'm just wondering if its worth just getting the OEM ones from the factory instead of buying them OEM used. Reason being is because I cant find any used OEM for the life of me, and I'm only in need of a lower right fairing as well as a tail...
  10. WTB: 2007 Fairings

    Want to Buy
    Looking to buy fairings for an 07. Preferably black considering my bike is all black currently. I need a need tail fairing as well as a ride fairing. Will consider others as well. :)
  11. side


    Side of my new 636
  12. Me on my ZX-R6

    Me on my ZX-R6

    stagged photo on the sales floor with my new bike
  13. 12 Black Seat cowl, undertail, & rear hugger

    Want to Buy
    Need seat cowl, undertail kit, and rear hugger for 12' black ZX6R. Hit me if you have or know any good leads. Until~
  14. WTB 2010 ZX6R Fairings

    Want to Buy
    I'm looking for full set of OEM fairings for 2010 zx6r Black preferably since I've already bought a black tank. But Green/Blk is also an option Thank you
  15. New to the forum

    New Member Introductions
    Whats going on over here!:rant
  16. WTB '09 ZX6R Parts!!

    Want to Buy
    Dumped my BLACK 2009 zx6r a while back and am finally getting around to the rebuild! Parts needed: Front and Rear brake LEVERS Front brake master cylinder Mirrors Front fairing Tail kit (blinkers, fairing and tail light included) BOTH handlebars Tank? Rear fairings some frame sliders...
  17. Finished Product

    Finished Product

    Bike with all mods on (except for halos), put back together, and ready to rock n roll baby!
  18. My 636 still under construction

  19. Noob alert!

    New Member Introductions
    hey everyone, im new to the site i bought my first bike this weekend! 2007 zx6r, 13k on it mods are, yoshi rs5 exhaust, fender eliminator and i believe aftermarket levers because they are adjustable, more pics up soon glad to be part of the site. ps. paid 4500 for it, did i get a good deal??
  20. 06 zx6r

    06 zx6r

    .super Blue HIDs on a foggy day