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  1. I did it, I finnished my HID retrofit...let me know what ya think?

    The ZX6R
    Ok, took me a couple weeks, working on my HID retrofit, a small bit at a time, but I'm finnished! Put in the Mini H1's from the retrofitsource. Took some pics with my phone so not great photo's, but let me know what ya think guys!!:devious Low Beam High Beam
  2. High Beam

    High Beam

  3. Low Beam

    Low Beam

  4. Color Flicker

    Color Flicker

  5. Cutoff Pic

    Cutoff Pic

  6. HID's


  7. HID frenzy

    The ZX6R
    I have been searching nonstop for information on HID lights. I have a 2006 ZX636, and I want to have BOTH headlights high/low HID 6000K, 35W. I would consider 55W, but I found a post that suggested the amount of wattage being pulled from the lights will drain your battery and eventually...