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bay area

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    waZZZZaaaa. Aye aloha Tuesday from Oahu. Gettin to it then, whats the best way to preview some ideas for a color scheme for le bike. If all goes well i will have successfully attached my first image. Sooo I would like some accents on my bike of the Golden State Warriors blue and gold and the...
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    Am I the only Bay Arean here?! lol
  3. New Member Introductions
    Yup I done did it. Not new to Kawasaki.. spent 4.5 yrs with my first bike 2008 250R learning in the mountains, plus trackday honing my skills and saving up some cash. Finally picked up a 2009 in lime last friday and this thing is modded for the track! • M4 slip-on exhaust • Puig "double bubble"...