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  1. Backfire after service

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi all, Just a quick question. Yesterday I serviced my bike doing the general bits; Fuel filter Air filter spark plugs oil filter and oil once I had put my bike back together and went to start up there was an almighty backfire which resulted in my parents running out to see what was going...
  2. 1994 ZX600c Wont Start backfires

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello everyone in new. Good to see there is a community for these bikes. So I have a 1994 Kawasaki ZX600c (600r) that I just bought and its really ghetto. But I got it and the starter was bad (later found out it was the starter clutch). It didn't engage all the time. I shot in some starter...
  3. ZX6R F1 Running Problem

    Mechanical and Technical
    My ZX6R F1 has been laid up for a year or so and took a while to start after putting new fuel in. It back fires through the exhaust and would only tick over with the tick over wound right up. I have had the carbs cleaned and set up in line with the service manual and the bike is even more...
  4. Exhaust backfires and pop still after PC3

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, heres some specs... ZX6R 2005 C1H model K&N Filter Yoshimura RS-5 Slip on Everything else is stock no Mods So i still get some backfires when within the range of 7.5k and 6k RPM and decelerating. Im using a a custom map provided from the forums, seems nice, can really feel the...
  5. ZX6r Backfiring since Yoshi slip on install

    Mechanical and Technical
    So my 05-06 zx6r is doing occasional little backfires when engine breaking since installing a yoshimura RS-5. Also when cold the idle is a little different, it pulsates a small amount (from 1350RPM to 1000RPM) What does this mean? running a little lean? Should i purchase a Power commander...