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  1. Videos
    Hey Guys, Check my new slide of photos and Video recorded with canon and gopro in Abu Dhabi enjoy! Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R, 250R, Yamaha R6 & Suzuki Hayabusa - YouTube :cuckoo:
  2. The ZX6R
    LOLZ! Stumbled upon my old Ninja 250r on kijiji. memories :) The funny part is that I only sold it to the guy about 5 months ago! Same thing that happened to me happened to him! He got tired of the 250 cause it's not fast enough. I just thought that was kinda funny.
  3. Motorcycle Talk
    Did you start on a 600cc? I'm curious if any of you started riding for the first time, ever, on a 600cc bike. Seems to be a tender topic that is argued over a lot, and I want to hear opinions on this. Personally, no I started on dirt so 600cc bike wasn't really an option. I did start however on...
1-3 of 3 Results