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2020 zx6r

  1. Mechanical and Technical
    So ive bought a 2020 zx6r about 4 weeks ago. It´s got 1350 km on it. And at around 900km i noticed a rly annoying rattling sound when you start to accelerate. It goes away at 6-7k rpm I think. It might just be the engine masking the rattling. I would describe it as plastic on plastic vibrating...
  2. The ZX6R
    Hey guys, I'm new here and I just bought a brand new 2020 ZX6R. I kinda don't like the cluster/speedometer on it and I was wondering if I could take the cluster from a 2020 650 (that has the tft display) and/or from a 2019/2020 zx10r and swap it with my current one. Does anybody know? Thanks in...