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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys I want to do a swing arm swap on my 2013 zx6r and really like the look of the 2015 ninjas swing arm would they interchange?
  2. Motorcycle Talk
    Hey guys, Im looking at a 2013 636 with 3300 miles on it. This is the second owner. Hes pretty sure the oil was changed at 1500 miles (before he got it). <----- I know right.... Small scratches on each side. Hardly noticeable. Has a new fender eliminator kit, and two bros slip on. Original...
  3. The ZX6R
    Hi Guys this is gonna sound like a dumb question but on my 2013 ninja 636 Im looking to put a stem base ram mount. However the stem hole is not like that of the 2012 and under models. On the 2013+ models the stem hole is a hexagonal shape, instead of that on the 2012 and under models that have a...
  4. Mechanical and Technical
    I have a early production 2013 ZX6R that I bought used. When starting it cold it may take 2-4 attempts until the engine will start warming up instead of dropping rpms too low and stalling out. I have done a lot of research and this appears to be an ECU issue. I have found a good price on a 2015...
  5. Videos
    Check out my 2013 ZX-6R 636 KIBS. I've added all Leo Vince carbon fiber parts for the ZX-6R. It cost me some money but I really believe its worth it. I decided to create my own Youtube channel seeing that I haven't see a bike like mines anywhere. Let me know what you guys think...
  6. The ZX6R
    I have a 2013 636 with aftermarket air filter, gutted factory manifold and a slip-on M4 GP exhaust. Anyone have a map for power commander 5? Thanks.
  7. The ZX6R
    Hi everyone, Last time I post It was a introduction about me. Now That I officially own my ZX6R I want to let everyone know, I'm super excited and loving this beast. This one is a 2013 636 with 1,080 miles on it, fully stock, also it came with gps system plus a year of service, extended warranty...
  8. The ZX6R
    Instagram @giorios
  9. New Member Introductions
    So I'm a proud owner of a brand new 2013 636. I've had it for about 2 months. Kawasaki has been my love since I can remember. I learned on a 250 and before this bike my favorte bike I've ridden to date was my buds 05 636. I had a R6 before this. The R6 is also up there for me, I had a '12 before...
  10. The ZX6R
    me and my buddy made this video for a contest and it would really help us out if you guys would take a look and if you like it send it a facebook like, It was filmed on the roads of oak glen california and we think we did pretty okay. Im not asking for free likes but to just check it out and...
  11. 2013 636

  12. 2013 636 just put sum hids

    White smoking 636
  13. Mechanical and Technical
    Just to start off im New at working on my own bike. I want to remove the Catalytic Converter and put in a midvpipe. They don't do emissions testing in NC for motorcycles. I did look up other posts on here that were referring to older bikes. 1st question, Im assuming the mid pipe can be any brand...
  14. Pictures
    Most recent photo: GPR4 Steering Stabilizer: Rizoma barend mirror and Graves slipon: Pazzo IFX Kawi Apple Green short lever next to a stock one for size comparison: Racing Phil's Carbon Fiber Tank Sliders: From the front: Older photo, but it shows the rear and Targa fender...
  15. The ZX6R
    Kawasaki Motors Australia - New 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R ABS (636) Now Available Now the only question - do I go out and buy it now - then spend all my December back in the UK wanting to be in Oz to ride it, or do I wait till January to pick one up!?
1-15 of 17 Results