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  1. The ZX6R
    So i think i burned my clutch out. Im the third owner (currently 36k) and this thing has had a bunch of weird stuff done to it. Was running well though (did tune up when purchased, rode approx 1k) and i was with a buddy, trying to show off. did a couple burnouts and instant charma..tried to pull...
  2. Want to Buy
    Not sure what model year range of radiators would be compatible but I'm open to any that'd fit without serious modification.
  3. Mechanical and Technical
    Just looking for some advice on here before I go to a shop. I recently (over winter) tried putting on a new rear brake line. I bled and bled and bled and bled there just wasn't any pressure building at all. So I did some reading and with what I found I bought a master cylinder and put it on and...
  4. Mechanical and Technical
    I have an 07 ZX6R the other night I started the bike back up after riding to a buddies house turned the handle bars fully right to turn around in the drive way and the bike shuts off finally figured out some wires were getting pinched move them out the way get home and I try moving the bars left...
  5. The ZX6R
    Hey guys, I am new to this forum, and I just wanted to share some news and get some feedback. So i recently sold my ninja 250r and this past week upgraded to a 2007 ZX6R (See Attached). It has about 22k miles, but as you can see it is in pristine condition, has a few upgrades (Yoshimura...
  6. Videos
    Hi guys, nothing dangerous or insane or Squiddish going on here. Simple and SAFE photoshoot. I love the photos he ended up having for me :D - have a peek! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2I37yHtgyk
  7. Mechanical and Technical
    greetings! fisrt of, this i my first post, and my english sucks, so, my apologize for that! as in the title, i am having problems with my kawa when its warm. most of the time it wont start. ist doing everything normaly, but without finaly starting the bike.. i have to give it a little throttle...
  8. Mechanical and Technical
    I just purchased a 07 zx6r with 31k miles, and the person I bought it from said he blew the engine. He then showed me the hole in the lower crankcase; where I suspect a broken rod had punctured; but please feel free to tell me what you think could have gone wrong. I opened the airbox (no oil or...
  9. Mechanical and Technical
    I have a 2007 zx6r with 11000 miles. The other day I was riding in town and the my bike just died on me. I couldnt get it started back up so had to end up pushing it home. When I turn the key into the on position the fuel pump primes and when I try to start it all I get is a click from the...
  10. Mechanical and Technical
    Hi i have a 2007 ZX6R P7F. I was looking for some advice on setting for the suspension i am 80kg i set up according to the manual which i supposed to be 68kg rider and it is rock solid. wondered if someone can tell me what set up they use to soften the suspension right up. thanks in advance for...
  11. The ZX6R
    Hey all, I need to get some frame sliders and spools for my 2007 ZX6R. I tried a bundle off amazon once but it didn't come with all parts. :( What's the best place (website, store, etc) to get frame sliders and spools for my bike or what's the best brand of them? Any help would be greatful...
  12. New Member Introductions
    The title pretty much says it all. Recently got a knock on my 07 zx6r. Purchased it with 4300 miles. It now has 8700 miles. Never revved over 14k or stunted. Started losing power a couple days prior to receiving knock. Won't even turn over anymore. Looking for a good, clean engine to swap out my...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Whats up peeps finally decided to join the crew... Bought my first 6R in june of 2012 its an 05 636... And now i just bought a 2007 6R about 3 weeks ago... Did i make a mistake!? Haha everyone is giving a lot of grief towards the 07-08 i think there the best looking Ninja's. What say you!?
  14. The ZX6R
    So like the title says, I've just purchased my first motorcycle. A 2007 ZX6R. It's dyno tuned with a power commander @ 125hp with a custom built complete exhaust setup. It's been wrecked before but is in very good shape now and no motor components were badly damaged in the wreck, mainly just the...
  15. Mechanical and Technical
    I bought a 2007 zx6r a couple a months a go and I love it but while I'm doing work on it noticed a part that I've never seen before on a bike and was wondering if any of you knew? If you do can you let me know what it is and what it is for. Much appreciated.
  16. Mechanical and Technical
    I have a 2005 zx6r, I really like the 2007 fairings. Could I swap them? What mods could I do to my 2005? Thanks guy's.
  17. Want to Buy
    PLEASE HELP!! Looking for a front rim for my 2007 zx6r!!
1-19 of 61 Results