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  1. Mechanical and Technical
    I have two 2005-06 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 636s. One is fully race-built, but came with normal weight springs. The levers are CRG adjustable foldable levers.. The other is street legal, but I rebuilt it from the ground up after 2 years of owning it. With the rebuild came the EBC racing clutch kit...
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys!! Newbie rider here - purchased a 2006 ZX636 ZX6R the other day. Has about 21K miles, pretty well maintained. No mods. Yesterday, I was on the highway and look down to see that my cluster/dashboard reset (as if I had just put my key in the ignition and switched to ON). This happened...
  3. Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, Just a question. Would a 07 Rear Tyre huger such as this.... Rear Hugger Carbon look with Silver Mesh ZX6R 07 | Trade Me fit on my 06 zx6r? thanks in advance!
  4. 06 zx6r

    .super Blue HIDs on a foggy day
  5. 06 zx6r

    Dolphins Cheerleaders
1-8 of 10 Results