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2003 zx6r

  1. Mechanical and Technical
    So my cam cap is broken right where the valve cover bolts into. My question is simple. Would replacing only the cam cap with one from another bike cause anything bad to happen ? Would also replacing the camshafts with the ones from that bike help minimize the risks ? I'm not a mechanic, I'm more...
  2. The ZX6R
    Just picked up a beat up ZX6R a week ago and noticed a pretty big leak while on a ride the other day, it was leaking pretty bad and the oil light was flickering so on my way home i picked up a quick quart from autozone and filled it up. Today I took off all the fairings and ran it for a bit to...
  3. The ZX6R
    Just wanted to post this beauty up
  4. Mechanical and Technical
    When I first started my bike up (2003 ZX6R) It ran perfectly fine. I cleaned the chain and then rode it around some more and then parked it for about 30 min. Then I started it up again with no problems and rode down the street about 5 miles to my friends house. 20 minutes later I went to ride...