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  1. The Build Thread
    Wanted to do a bit of a build thread. Mostly for me to read back in X years in the future to remind myself all about it. So starting at the start I bought the bike last winter for a grand and rode it through the winter to keep miles off my 1190R which I chopped in for a 790R as a 30th birthday...
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    It seems to be slipping in 3rd gear, 1st and second are good but 3rd... theres something wrong haha. If I skip from 2nd to 4th and so on it's fine. But 3rd has no power and Im not sure if it's clutch or gear box problem. Sorry if this isn't detailed enough. But thanks if anyone has advice.
  3. Motorcycle Talk
    So I bought this 2002 2 Falls ago, and now I've become obsessed with it. Ive done basically a complete remodel on it and would just like some thoughts about whether I've done a good job. The red is when I first bought it, and the black and gold is now. I also am putting this question out there...
  4. New Member Introductions
    I am now the mostly proud owner of a 2002 zx6r with 33,000 miles, no fairing, the front light from an er6n, a slightly bent front rim and a clutch cable that is just hanging by a thread! Let the games begin. I must say, ive never been an inline 4 owner nor did I really want to be... But this...
  5. The ZX6R
    Ok guys here it goes, lets see if any of you old school carb guru's can help a brother out... My friend has an 02 J model that has been having a 1st gear "hesitation", or almost like a stall just off idle 1500~2500rpm range. Just after that, the bike wakes up and takes off like normal. i would...
  6. 2002 ZX6R Yellow

    My 2002 Yellow Kawasaki Zx6r
  7. The ZX6R
    Hey guys, buying an 02 zx6r today. 15k mi. $2800 w/gear and blinker flush kit. Just wondering what i should know about it. personal opinions, reviews, general knowledge. very excited for this bike. i started on a 1999 gsf-s 600. also, suggested mods? thinking about throwing on a bigger rear...
1-7 of 10 Results