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  1. Raising the height...

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey all, I just bought my 2000 ZX6R, and due to my height (6'3"), it's a tad on the low side (I am able to ride it, would just be nice if it sat a little taller). I know there's a way to adjust the height, I just can't seem to find any instructions/videos on how to do it. If anyone can either...
  2. NJ WTB: Any full exhaust for '00 zx6r

    Want to Buy
    Located in North Jersey. I need any full exhaust with clamps/brackets for my 00 zx6r. Lowsided last season and broke both brackets. Taking the bike to SC next week but I can't go riding on a straight pipe with a rigged bracket I'll take anything. Loud, quiet, short, megaphone, doesn't...
  3. 2000 zx6r swing arm * Help!*

    Mechanical and Technical
    I I searched and was unable to find it in the rest of the forums does anybody know how to jack up and stabilize a 2000 ZX 6 R enough to remove the rear swing arm. Recommendations? Rear spools/ Motorcycle jack... Cheap brands? Please and thanks!!!
  4. 2002 ZX-6R Fairings

    Want to Buy
    I WTB a complete set of fairings for a 2002 ZX-6R. PM me, cash in hand. Thanks.
  5. Engine Replacement

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi everyone, I've never used a forum before so bear with me please! :coocoo Basically, I've blown up my zx6r 2000 plate. I need a new engine for it, but can't establish which ones will fit! Mine is a J model, but I read that I could get a G model in and change something on the ignition...
  6. Fixing up a 2000 zx6r - NEWBIE - please help!

    The ZX6R
    Hi, First time buyer here. I bought a 2000 zx6r and the 1st owner turned it into a straight up stuntbike. it was only $500. the front fairings are destroyed, and werent even on the bike. the headlight assembly on it looks like a motocross headlight. the plastic piece that extends under the tail...
  7. 2000 zx-6r dies on highway (yeah I know this is has been addressed)

    Mechanical and Technical
    I bought my 2000 zx-6r a year ago, had for about a month and it began dieing on me on the road. bought a new battery but didnt fill the acid until this past month (bike has been stored) Just had a mechanic prep the new battery , charge , install, check the plugs, resync the carbs , fix some...
  8. 2000 zx-6r 636 having problems turning over to idle

    The ZX6R
    i just started my 2000 zx6r 636 three days ago with no problems...then yesterday i tried to start it and the way it sounds is like a car trying to start with no gas in it....so i put three gallons of gas in it...it still struggling to start to idle...i have no leaks, all fuse are good, it has...