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  1. Mechanical and Technical
    I've recently ordered a K&N air filter for my 08 zx6r and was wondering of anyone knew of any step by step videos that I could watch and figure out how to change it myself!
  2. Motorcycle Talk
    Just bought an 08 ZX6R, I went from a gsxr and noticed that the ZX6R lacks power compared to the gsxr. Was wondering if a power commander was a good idea to get? And how much torque, if any would it add? And any other info on a power commander that you'd like to share cause I know little to...
  3. The ZX6R
    I know I know...the 07-08 is a piece if garbage...bla bla bla. Let's keep those comments out of this thread and just focus on the work done here and the resulting look achieved. A buddy of mine has an 08 that we have done quite a bit of work on and I love what we did with his tail section...
  4. Motorcycle Talk
    Since joining this forum some time ago I have noticed a good bit of hate dished out on the 07-08 generation. What I want to know is, why? Are there any legit reasons why people hate on it? Other than the VC gasket issue (really no big deal) which was addressed by Kawi and fixed under recall...
  5. Mechanical and Technical
    Hi guys, it looks like on my 08 zx6r the Two Bros undertail exhaust is melting the plastic of the tail section. I am referring to the actual plastic base in the tail where the ECU sits. The only options I see right now are to repair the plastic, and put some sort of heat shield there. I might...
  6. Mechanical and Technical
    When I start my bike it will only rev to 12k rpm. Then after I ride for a few minutes it will only go to 10k then 8k. Finally it will stay at a max rev of 6k or 7k and I am stuck on the interstate barely going 65mph. If I turn it off and start it again it will go right back to 12k, but then do...
  7. Want to Buy
    My Radiator crapped out on me, and this is my main source of transportation. Need either 07 or 08 ZX6R Radiator... Don't need the fan, but if it comes with, that is fine. Located in California, San Francisco area, and will pay extra for expedited shipping. Just want one in good condition...
  8. Want to Buy
    im looking to buy a 08 zx6r frame with title. i prefer a clean title but beggers cant be choosers.
  9. The ZX6R
    I have a 07 zx6r. Should I get the 3 or is the extra money worth geting the 5?
1-9 of 16 Results