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  1. Launch Control

    Mechanical and Technical
    Maybe I'm horrible at using the search function but does anyone have any info on installing launch control on an 07 ZX6R is it something that would only be possible through an ECU reflash or could installing a unit similar to MSD's two step module work? Thanks in advance guys
  2. 07 zx6r help on slider

    New Member Introductions
    Hey I got this slider with the bike and I was wondering where I can buy another rubber slider for this kind of cage because it broke when I layed it
  3. Best way to do an 07-08 tail section

    The ZX6R
    I know I know...the 07-08 is a piece if garbage...bla bla bla. Let's keep those comments out of this thread and just focus on the work done here and the resulting look achieved. A buddy of mine has an 08 that we have done quite a bit of work on and I love what we did with his tail section...
  4. So why does everyone hate on the 07-08?

    Motorcycle Talk
    Since joining this forum some time ago I have noticed a good bit of hate dished out on the 07-08 generation. What I want to know is, why? Are there any legit reasons why people hate on it? Other than the VC gasket issue (really no big deal) which was addressed by Kawi and fixed under recall...
  5. 07/08 Two Bros melting tail of motorcycle, ECU!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi guys, it looks like on my 08 zx6r the Two Bros undertail exhaust is melting the plastic of the tail section. I am referring to the actual plastic base in the tail where the ECU sits. The only options I see right now are to repair the plastic, and put some sort of heat shield there. I might...
  6. Need rims for a 07 zx6rr

    The ZX6R
    Apparently I have a zx10 rear rim and my front rim has a slight dent. I just got new tires put on and now it's not riding right. It sounds like something is catching/rubbing. I don't think it's the chain and/or sprockets. The mechanic thinks the chains not straight because of the rim. I just...
  7. 2007 Ninja ZX6R OEM Mirrors for good price?

    New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys, I just got a 07 zx6r but it has no mirrors and i want some for safety. Anyone know a good set for cheap or even how much the OEM ones cost and where I could get them? My current option are these but idk if they will fold up or anything. Amazon.com: Kawasaki Carbon Mirrors Zx 6R Zx6R...
  8. 07 zx6r radiator (with fan is ok)

    The ZX6R
    I took my radiator out because the piece that held the bottom of the fan broke and punctured my radiator. When i took it to the radiator shop to basically patch it, the guy told me the radiator was no good. Now i need another one. The sooner i find one the better because as soon as i fix the...
  9. Oil, oil, and more oil.

    The ZX6R
    Hey guys. New 07' owner here. The previous owner overfilled the oil and it's due for a change anyway. What do you suggest is a good synthetic for these bikes? thanks!
  10. 07 upper triple tree and ignition on 06?

    Mechanical and Technical
    I couldn't find if this posted anywhere else i search for a while. But someone attempted to steal my bike and i caught them in the act. Long story short they broke the ignition off i can still use it but i don't like it dangling. I have a buddy that's trying to sell his upper triple tree and...
  11. NEED 07/08 ZX6R Radiator!!

    Want to Buy
    My Radiator crapped out on me, and this is my main source of transportation. Need either 07 or 08 ZX6R Radiator... Don't need the fan, but if it comes with, that is fine. Located in California, San Francisco area, and will pay extra for expedited shipping. Just want one in good condition...
  12. 07-08 ZX6R ECU Relocation from tail

    Mechanical and Technical
    I've searched the forum with no luck. I'm sure its on here somewhere. When i purchased my bike the ECU was bad and wouldn't actuate the sub throttle body choking and preventing me from revving past 8k. Which i've noticed to be common on this model year. Yesterday on my way south a waise it...
  13. Chain and sprocket

    The ZX6R
    Have a 07 zx6r and want a good cheap red chain and new sprockets -1/+2. Anyone know of a good cheap place to buy them? Only place I can find with a red chain is the link below. But is $200 for the kit expensive? Superlite Steel Sprocket Set with/ EK 520 MVXZ Colored Chain - KAWASAKI ZX6 R...
  14. Power commander 3? Or 5?

    The ZX6R
    I have a 07 zx6r. Should I get the 3 or is the extra money worth geting the 5?
  15. The Official Bazzazz Q&A Thread

    The ZX6R
    Hi, Anybody with experience fitting a Bazzaz Z-Fi TC on a 07? Understand from Bazzaz's website it enables traction control and quick shifting? Is that from standard, with no parts/sensors to fit? If so, sounds amazing compared to a standard Power Commander! Do you reckon I would need a new...
  16. Noob alert!

    New Member Introductions
    hey everyone, im new to the site i bought my first bike this weekend! 2007 zx6r, 13k on it mods are, yoshi rs5 exhaust, fender eliminator and i believe aftermarket levers because they are adjustable, more pics up soon glad to be part of the site. ps. paid 4500 for it, did i get a good deal??