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General Information

ZX-6R (G2)
Lime Green
1999 Kawasaki ZX-6R (G2) (Lime Green)


The engine has been untouched with the exception of a Stage 1 jetting kit by Dynojet, a K&N air filter and an unbelievably-good-for-the-money Pipewerx end can. I could go all out crazy on skimming the head, porting, etc, but it's just not worth it (to me) for an everyday rider that's 18 years old.

Reliability in an older (yet only 35000 mile) bike is more important than squeezing an extra 5BHP. It gets a new lot of Silkolene Super 4 and K&N oil filter every 6000 miles.
Original vinyl graphics removed. New black vinyl in selected areas, custom race numbers and screen logo, sponsor logos.

The oil-tanker sized standard indicators have been ditched for flush mount LED units up front, with a clear LED brake/indicator cluster in back. The headlight has been upgraded to a 5500K HID unit (bargain basement unit from eBay that works fantastically).

The standard mirrors have been replaced for bar-end units with the original mount points covered with blanking plates.

The levers have been placed with CNC stubby items. The master cylinder will soon be replaced by a radial unit from an '07 ZZR1400. Earl's braided steel lines link the lever and the calipers.
I don't have a car, but I stick to a Sena 20S with in-ear buds (or the voices in my head - whichever is loudest) to maintain sanity/hearing on long journeys.
Stock suspension. Not the greatest, but the fork oil had been recently replaced and the shock has a tatty-looking (but perfectly healthy) spring. A few minor adjustments have been made to the compression and rebound damping to suit my tastes and riding style, but the components are staying stock.
Wheel and Tire
Currently Avon Storm 2 Ultra in 120/70 & 180/55. They came on the bike (almost new) and they were grippy enough for wet, salty winter roads. I have a spare set of rims that will soon be powder coated (probably matte black to hide the road grime) and shod with something much grippier for the coming summer.

I'll keep the part-worn Storms for next winter.



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