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Originally Posted by PainfullySlo View Post
Once again ZedEx comes through in style and saved me a lot of typing =)

My profession is in manufacturing so I have spent a lot of time with both domestic and overseas production. The issue with Chinese stuff can be the quality of the raw material (China had bad steel for a while) but mostly it is with the quality control. Volume is king there so stuff gets let through that may not pass muster to you or I. That is simply their culture. I have had MANY components for businesses in the past made in China and had absolutely stellar results. Conversely I have also had stuff made in America that was crap. It really comes down to each individual shop.

My current levers are made in China from a machine shop that I have had over 8 years of business with and so I trust that they put out a quality product. I had *really* wanted my second generation levers to be made in the USA but every single quote that I have received would put them at about $400 per set....MY COST. I have no choice but to get them made overseas.

Anyway, I digress.

The point of this was that there can be good and bad stuff from anywhere on the planet. Be a smart consumer and do your diligence to ensure that you end up with something that is quality.
I'm not gonna make a global generalization and say that everything you buy from Asia is crappy, but my concern is in the co-opting of branding and what that means to the buyer.

If you go to a reputable distributor and buy a Brembo RCS, you have a good chance of getting what you think you paid for, that its been tested, that there are quality control measures in place in the factory, and so on. Both the distributor and the principal (in this case Brembo) have their reputations on the line for each item they sell, and that reputation for quality is why people will pay $400-500 for an RCS M/C and look down on a $48 item on Ebay. You'll also have a warranty that is likely to be fulfilled, and you have methods of communicating displeasure that are likely to be taken seriously.

The guy selling on Ebay has no reputation to save since he stole Brembo's to start with, so what does he care if your M/C fails at your braking point at 150mph? You have no way to hit his Yelp score, and if you blast him on ebay he'll probably change 1 letter in his email address and keep going while selling the same thing on Alibaba.

If you want to look at why people are concerned about quality in Taiwan/China/Asia, do some checking on building failures in many of those countries. It is epidemic that builders take huge shortcuts to save money using the wrong materials, dumping garbage down concrete pilings, etc... The latest was an apartment building collapse in Tainan - turns out the builder/contractor has done this numerous times before and simply changes his name and continues.

Taiwan earthquake: Toppled high-rise built with tin cans -

Cheap sand use threatens building integrity....

Poor-quality Chinese concrete could lead to skyscrapers collapsing | WIRED UK

But I digress....

I agree that in most cases you'll probably be OK, but if something goes wrong there's not much you can do about it, the copier changes name again and goes about his business unhindered, and each case becomes another data point for "Chinese quality sucks". Can it happen in "the west"? Sure it can, and it has happened, but the common practice of stealing brands and using them to sell knockoffs which is so prevalent in Asia I think really increases the risk of it occurring. Caveat emptor!!!

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i just scored a used one and mounted it up

that lever though

omg its soooooo ridgid

gonna hit the track next Tuesday, put on new srjl - hopefully my brake marker gets pushed back quite a fewww feeeeet!
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Originally Posted by Fxclm5 View Post
i just scored a used one and mounted it up

that lever though

omg its soooooo ridgid

gonna hit the track next Tuesday, put on new srjl - hopefully my brake marker gets pushed back quite a fewww feeeeet!
I will warn you with BIG LETTERS. Be real careful.
If yours is anything like mine, getting aggressive or panic braking will be BAD.

Start with ONE finger, and take it easy.

OH, have a great track day.
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I know this is an older post but it's got recent activity so why someone might look at this in the future as well. The beauty of forums...assuming people take the time to research.

The OEM brake setup on the 07+ ZX6 is awesome and there's zero reason to upgrade. The 05/06 636's had garbage stock calipers that should be unbolted and thrown in the dumpster, and replaced with the Nissin's from the 07-12 ZX6 or ZX14.

You want the easiest brake upgrade ever? Change your brake pads. Brake pads by far play a larger role in power, feel, and brake fade than a master, calipers, or lines ever will. Does the other stuff make a difference? Yes, it does. And the difference is more noticeable the faster you are. As much difference as a pad change? No. The OEM rotors are also really good, much like the R6 rotors. Buying $400+ fancy rotors is about the stupidest money you could ever spend, unless you're going for bling points. You will not notice any difference, aside from a lighter wallet. Or, any notice that you might have noticed is probably the result of the new brake pads you got (you weren't dumb enough to use worn pads on brand new rotors...right?!?!) Warped rotors? Buy some stock ones off ebay and save that money and put it towards SS lines or something. The only way you can take advantage of what $$$ rotors have to offer is if you have the $2,000 calipers and $1,000 M/C to push those pads against said rotors.

Only way I'd consider upgrading the master is if it needed rebuilt or whatever, and it was easier to just get a new, better one. Race orgs (WERA/MA) state that you must use OEM equipment, and I promise you there are guys light years faster than you that will out brake you on stock equipment.

In short...if you have to ask what you need, you don't actually need it. Those that get to the point where they could benefit from it, don't have to ask what they need, because they already know...
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It is always those that use their brakes the least that want to upgrade them the most.
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Originally Posted by Otto Man View Post
The OEM brake setup on the 07+ ZX6 is awesome and there's zero reason to upgrade...

...Race orgs (WERA/MA) state that you must use OEM equipment, and I promise you there are guys light years faster than you that will out brake you on stock equipment.
I guess it is all relative. Yes, master on my 13+ is outstanding. It has plenty of stopping power but the big advantage of the Brembo unit is the feel and feedback that you get. It is vastly superior to the OEM unit.

Also, not all race orgs require that you use OEM. Many consider any part of the braking system to be safety related and so able to be changed. I run in the CCS 'stock' classes and I have a Brembo MC which is perfectly legal in my classes.

I do completely agree that the biggest bang for your buck in terms of braking upgrades are definitely pads followed by braided lines. The stock rotors are usually quite good.
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