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My bike downed a newer GSXR !!! lol

It was a early morning, getting ready for my very first quarter mile track day. I was super excited and ready for the challenge. Got everything reasy and got on the road. Made it to the track, thru tech, got some race gas in the bike and man i was ready to go. I ran a few time and i was doing horrible but at least i hadnt busted my ass or hurt anything. By lunch i was getting hungry and i decided while the cars were running i would grab a bite to eat. So i parked my bike in the front on the staging lanes and proceeded to the concession stand. The bike was there in front parked next to some other guys fancy smancy machine tricked out FLA style. I didnt pay anything else no attention. I ate my burger fast so i would be ready for the next race but nothing could of prepared me for what happened next. The wind decided to pick me out of th croud and see how big my balls were i guess cause it gust and blew my fucking bike over and it fell into and KNOCKED over the newer custom GSXR parked way too close to the right of mine. People hollered and cussed and i ran over to help them pick them up. The owner of the GSXR wasnt the happiest guy ever i grant you. His buds were freaking out, telling him what to do, what we should do. They were all over me about my kickstand not being short enough and i explained that i shortened it but then i lowered it even more after lasy sundays mishap at DMP where the bike stood up about straight up and i almost dumped it. Lowering it even further caused to rest almost straight up and when the wind blew so hard it blew it over... NOT GOOD. I didnt care about mine but the other guy just happened to have custom paint with pearl and a brand new matching $500 helmet. I offered to take the bike to a friend shop where they do very good paint work and we would repaint it but theres no way we could match it as the guy didnt know how much or what kind of pearl was used. The guy finally came up with an idea for us to go to the gas station and pretend it happened there, get a police report and file it on my insurance as i have full coverage and he has none at all because im FLA you dont have to have it if the bike it paid for. Ive checked already and its actually the law, crazy but true. Well i got out of doing that because that was a BS idea and i wasnt gonna ride to a gas station with this guy to do anything. I could get knocked in the head or commit insurance fraud at the least. FUCK THAT. I gave the guy my name, number and my Progressive policy number. But see that guys an idiot cause i talked to the track owners and they told me as soon as we signed the waiver on the way in the gates thers nothing he can do. THANK GOD.( SO I THOUGHT). He will try to lie and say we werent there but i can get proof that we were and the insurance company will throw it out as soon as they find out where we were. Awesome, this poor guy fussed and tried to screw me for hours and he left with little more than skint supa fly GIXXA and my name and cell number.

I tried my best to do the stand up thing and help him even though it wasnt my fault. An act of nature and carelessness on HIS part cost him the price of a paint job for his bike. I even offered to call the cops at the track, file a report so he could turn it in as long as they said NO FAULT. But he was being shady so i hung around till he left and i went on home. I coulda been a punk and left but i didnt and i really tried to help which i didnt have to do at all. All i had to say was, " You signed a waiver coming in that gate, If you dont have you biked insured, your screwed, have a good day bitch." but i didnt want to get my face bashed in or anything stupid.

Needless to say, i will be raising my bike up a little and possibly cutting the stand down even further.

And next time i may just ZIP tie it to the fence.. HAHAHA

Other than that i had a good time and it was fun. Ready for the next trip..kinda.
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well the insurance company allowed the claim and they are gonna payt for the bike to be fixed. Which is OK by me cause my rate wont go up any time soon if it even does at all. My policy will run out July 2009 so nothing will happen till then and it may not even go up then they said. So im happy, hes happy, YAY YAY WOO FUCKING HOO. Its time for a beer now.

They allowed ONLY becuase they didnt want him to try to sue me for damages. For that reason I was OK with them doing it. My rates wont go up, if any, till July 2009 when my policy runs out and its time for renewal. So im really good for a while. and he gets his supa fly GIXXA pimped any way he wants for free.

But yes HE SHOULD of had insurance with a custom high dollar paint job, chrome all over and a $500 helmet.

hmm...I wonder if he get a new helmet too cause it was damaged in the ASSident? I bet. DAMNIT.

i dont want to give the impression that the guy was a total butt about this but it dont matter it worked out where he can get it fixed and im cool with that. Id want the same for myself.
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i dont think you should have risked your premium going up. it wasnt your fault. but im glad it all worked out
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so what times did ya run this time?

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mother nature is what the insurance company sees it as n they take the loss, same way as if you hit a deer. it was beyond your control. are you in a "no fault" state?
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The waiver you sign at the gate protects the track owners from you, not you from others.

Glad to hear it sounds like it's all going to work out. Did you park next to him or did he park next to you?


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I would av said sorry,but not your fault,he parked too close, and you cant control the wind!!!!! i wouldnt have paid for at least offered though..
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GIXXERS do seem to attract a certain kind of rider... Was out and about yesterday when 6 (750's I think) turned up - where I was parked. No drama but they looked like they had all been to the same store for the bikes and the suits. Matching like a bunch of sextuplets. Of course I stood there and said "Hey girls(they weren't) where are your bandanna's, tee shirt's and sneekers", cos I wanted to get my bike pushed over and my face pushed in.

No offense Steve

And yeah did you park next to him or he next to you.
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im sure it says in there some where that the GIXXA parked to close to him

oh well s#!t happens some times mate what i want to know is what times were you running

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my friend has a 13 gsxr and says it will beat my ninja hands down
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Originally Posted by aadolf View Post
my friend has a 13 gsxr and says it will beat my ninja hands down
Dude, dafuq?
Reviving old threads so you can post stuff on the Classifieds? Don't be an inconsiderate arse, man.
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Originally Posted by Fishbowl
Go ride Badger for it's the only thing that'll make sense at times.
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Most forums, this is a banable offense.
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