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(13-19)Cripple triple kits being built, here to chat, explain and offer the kit

Hey guys, This is for racers only! I don't see why anyone would want to cripple a street version. This is not a new idea! I think Dave Moss, is the one who "coined" it. But in a nut shell. my system will disable a cylinder to run on 3. its for a race classes SV650 or 450. in this case its 477cc bike. will set no codes and has no harm to anything. I just put the prototype kit on my bike and almost won my very first race with it.....

The system comes with a switch (for rules you should have mounted under your seat) and a dummy injector and all factory connectors (so plug and play) you just rock the switch back and forth to get 3 or 4 cylinder modes. You can really just unplug an injector also and get the same effect. But be warned that the connections are not meant to be done and undone many times. So that's why I built the kit. you can flip switch as many times as you want with out issue. great way to learn corner speeds or have a small jump from say a SV650 to a 600CC bike.

I am charging 100 bucks plus shipping. its really just unplug one sensor and plug in to connectors, affix the switch and you are good to go. I do have pictures, but cant post to here. you can find more info on my FB Dustin Walbon or IG @dustin 2dags_racing. Not here to make a living off this. the 100 covers parts and labor only, I'm not making money off these. and happy to tell you where I bought everything and you can do yourself.

Fire any questions you have. I am here to help and make racing better....and by better I mean more fun. ( = happy riding everyone!!
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Just curious if you can attach pics to see the system. Thanks.


Dave Moss

Attack of the Cripple Triple

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Have you dyno'd a zx6r with the cripple triple kit to see about how much power it makes?

This would be a very cheap way to race pretty much double the amount of classes with the flip of a switch, instead of having a 2nd bike for all the lightweight classes.
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Shit, I just wanna hear the exhaust note.
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Interesting, I remember reading the article JD posted from Zach Courts awhile ago, always thought it was a cool concept.

I would be interested in understanding the negative impact of just "turning off" one of your injectors and not firing that cyclinder....
One would think it can't be exactly great for a piece of machinery that was meant to run up to 16k rpm with 4 cylinders firing
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I Ride: 03 SV650,05 636,15 636
Far as I know, the man to ask all your questions is Dave Moss, he has experience and is father of this idea (far as I know.) I will have it dyno'ed later this year before I race it. But my understanding is its 25% less then what ever your bike is (is your question is how much power will "my bike" make.

Just so you know, I'm a racer. and not much more. I care about a lot of things, but numbers and what is going to happen to my motor are not one of them. so I don't have any answers on that front. The idea as I understand it is a bridge, from little bike to big bikes. is a bit of a jump. the SV650 filled that void for many years. This is a "pinch hitter" that is better suited for many reason's. I cant post photos on here, but I can explain that I can build one for you, or tell you the places you should go to get parts. its make up is. a switch (double pole double throw) a dummy injector( or two) depending on if you have 4 or 8 injectors. and goto "Corsa technic" for all sport bike factory connectors. took me a few hours of work. and made a kit that can switch bike modes with a flick. again I don't see a reason to do for street. Just a new class to run as a racer.

But to add the little more that I know. no damage will happen by doing this. you engine is still 100% balanced. you only are not injecting fuel. so you don't get benefit. Car company do the same thing for fuel economy. (all they do is not inject fuel to do so)

I offer kit for 100 bucks plus shipping. But I listed the how to above, you can also build your own. Or you can just unplug your injector if you want to hear it. here to help best I can, where I can.
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