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My ride to and from work today....

My ride was interesting today. Ok, so here in Hawaii we have Cane spiders which can be as big as a can of tuna and they're fairly common throughout my house unfortunately but I haven't seen one that big yet until earlier today. I was on my way to work, riding for about 15-20 minutes then I hit stop and go traffic. So I'm doing between 5-10mph clutchin' stoppin' goin' and I noticed something out of the corner of my eye on the windscreen. The last thing I expected to see while riding my bike was a spider the size of a tuna can but damn it there it was! So I start to pull off immediately and it crawled down the underside of the windscreen right near my hand all before I stopped so here I am freaking out in traffic trying to stop and everyone around me must have thought I was nuts. So I get off and I saw it go down under the handlebars and disappear. I tried to find it to knock it off but never did find it. Now I'm worried all the way to work that this giant spider is gonna fly off the bike onto me while I'm goin' 70mph on the highway. I got to work and looked again but never did find it so I hope it fell off. Then on my way home from work a bird came about 8 inches from flying into my head! We also have wild chickens that roam the island, they call them "jungle fowl". So after I got home I left again to meet my wife and I'm riding along and this chicken just slowly starts walking right out in front me so I just prepared myself to flatten it and I tried to rev to scare it off but I guess it didn't work. It must have been within an inch of getting hit before it took off out of the way. I just thought I'd share my crazy day and was wondering if anybody ever has crazy days like that... I started thinking maybe I should stop riding today, that maybe those were signs or an omen but I just kept ridin' anyway!

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Freaking out in traffic... that's a classic right there. Must have looked comical. At least you made it through your day day.
Only weird thing happen to me was on my home one day I cam around a corner and something hit me in the chest. I say something cos I have no idea what it was. Felt like it could have been the size of a football. There were no feathers, so could not have been a bird
I can only think that it must have been a squirrel trying to to jump from one side of the road to the other, missed his landing an happened across me on his way down.

Either way, I did not stop to find out what it was.
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I hate spiders!

street lights timed for 35 mph
are also timed for 70 mph.

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phewf, i dunno why but when i read that the first time i thought the spider was on your helmet visor !!! now that would cause a major freak out
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For the curious...

Had an '06 636
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that would be a little freaky... i had a bee sting me in the back of the neck before while i was going over 100 mph... that was a shocker, dont know how the little bugger got there but he did and he didn't like me going into the tuck position either... lol
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Yeah... I probably won't be visiting Hawaii any time soon now.

But yeah, I had a ride a while back where it seemed like everything that could run/fly out in front of me did. I was dodging birds, squirrels, mice, etc. the entire way on a 150 mile ride. The people behind me thought it was pretty funny but after a while it just got really frustrating.

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