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New Quantum Fuel Pump Arrived

Whatís up everyone!

Hey, i just bought a new quantum fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator and it just arrived today.

My issues at first, I was getting the 6,000 RPM stall, thought it was bad fuel and it was, tank had rust sediments and fuel turned to turpentine in the tank.
after trying to service the fuel pump and not following the thread posted here i had to go back in and fully service the the strainer.
Turned out the strainer was bad, it was split and sucking up SEDís past the paper diaphragm clogging up my injectors.

Well after inspecting the parts that came in from quantum, was really pleased.
Just have a few questions that I have or had up to this point.

- has anyone used this fuel pump before?
Ive seen some different brands on here and from what Ive seen from pulling the OEM out I have even more questions.

- is the swap and drop in pretty straight forward?
Seen some plugs and some crimp style eyelets that might need Home-Rigging
Also seen a black hose, what is that for ?

- the package did come with multiple strainers, is it user preference and stash the rest or will any work?

- what about the hose clamps that come with the package ?

Just looking for some insight and to see if anyone has done it in a 05 636.
Iím wondering if it will out-perform the OEM model, since its probably old and tired.

Any opinions welcomed
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A link to what you bought would be helpful I imagine...

I have installed a few aftermarket pumps in a few different bikes

what is the working fuel pressure and flow ratings on this new pump? and then when installed what does it actually perform at

they are "universal" so many of the parts in the box are unused....... I have never used the black hose or hose clamps- but all I have installed have been just slide it in, plug it in and go....... and yes choose the best filter element to mimic the oe one you are getting rid of of

49019-0013 is the oem Kawasaki fuel pump fuel filter.......if you want a new oe kaw is about $10 and while listed for all the MULES- it fits all the streetbike fuel pumps kawi installs too...

woohoo we are having fun now
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Quantum fuel pump link

sorry, here is the link:

And no I guess it donít advertise the the fuel delivery rate, how ever i did get the new pressure regulator to.
Iím waiting for some screws to arrive in the mail and Iíll be installing the new bits.
Was just looking for input, it does say drop in replacement. I guess ill be home rigging the connectors to make it work..

Did i mention i got the fuel injectors cleaned at a dealer for 170.00 top and bottom injectors..

Thanks for the chime
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