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Hose and electrical conduit care

What product do most use to clean and protect hose and electrical conduit lines.
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Originally Posted by Flyoverkrt View Post
What product do most use to clean and protect hose and electrical conduit lines.
I've been waiting to see if anyone would take a crack at this....

My short answer is I don't use anything on the hoses or wiring to preserve them.

I take that position, because I don't want to mask any leaks, or add to trapping dirt or moisture around electrics. Plus, I'm just not that into doing detail work. I'd rather ride. My diamond in the rough, so to speak.

Armor all, hose spray you'd buy at the auto parts store...... If it were used with care is probably not going to cause issues. Far better to apply it to a rag and wipe that on the part you want to preserve, than spraying goop into cracks and places you can't get it out of.

When stuff like that drips away, it will look like oil, or coolant..... Not to mention how slick most of these products are. I will never, ever use any sort of tire dressing. Too slick. Too risky.

I have experimented with various petrochemicals, to see if I can preserve the appearance of the plastics which are only cosmetic. Switch covers, mirror backs, rear fender...... Few things maintain the deep dark wet look the new parts have, as the aging process goes on.

So far, air filter oil, and left over fork oil seem to be as good or better than wax, or any version of armor all I have tried. Only improves the appearance for a day or two, before fading back to the weathered appearance it has otherwise.

10 year old cosmetic plastics can realistically only appear new, by replacing with actual new parts.

This is because the surfaces are evaporating. The smaller molecules in the mix, leave. Outgas. Can't be stopped. (Think of how much plastic things stink of chemicals when you first unwrap them)

As the surfaces become less smooth, they appear dull because they don't reflect as much light. The mirror finish alters. Almost all plastic parts are cast with textured surfaces to mask imperfections, and to soften the impact of the aging process.

My advice? Ride. Fuggedaboutit.

"Basic stuff fellas. Use your head for something other than to break your next fall."
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The rare times I wash the bike enough to treat the plastics and wax the bodywork.......

I will go over the radiator hoses with the same product

The wax shop (product brand....you can use whatever you like)
Leather, rubber and vinyl

sprayed on to the rag the wiped on the locations;
radiator hoses
intake covers
turn signals
rear fender
and finally the chain guard

and when in doing services with the bodywork and tank off- I will also do the air box and intake boots, battery box (part of it shows) and even do the handlebar clusters and cable housings....

As far as electrical stuff.......... nothing at all- once every 30k or so I will take connections apart and clean then install new di-electric in them
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woohoo we are having fun now
Stupid people say stupid things on the internet, so be wary of who those people are. If you solicit advice on the internet, just keep in mind 99% of what you'll receive is not based on fact or science-and likely atleast 95% of it is based on bullshit and bravado regurgitated from some other schlub who also did not experience any of what they claim and are also full of shit. If you don't like my bluntness- too bad. I am not here to please you, so move along, your approval is not desired nor is it needed. So before opening your pie hole and adding more stupidity, perhaps sit back, listen, absorb and learn something. You know that saying, it is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!
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Thanks rj2112 and riverszzr. Just trying to baby it a little while longer.
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