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Kariverson 05-28-2019 12:55 PM

Fuel consumption in different power modes
I'll be going on a trip soon with my 2016 ZX6R and I'm wondering, does anyone know if there is a difference in fuel consumption in different power modes? Low Power or Full Power? Would be cool to know to save some money.
By the way. I did 7km more with 10 euro of 100 octane gas than 10 euro of a cheaper 95 octane gas.

RJ2112 05-28-2019 07:41 PM

The right wrist has more to do with fuel consumption than any other factor. Second to how hard you choose to accelerate, is how fast you decide to cruise. Drag increases drastically with speed.... that means more power is required for higher speed.

The differences are fairly large between gentle acceleration and moderate cruise speeds, and whacking the throttle to the stop and redlining the bike through the gears to a speed greater than the posted limit.

A track ridden bike will consume an entire tank of fuel in much less than 100 total miles..... I can get ~130 miles before the low fuel light comes on with spirited street riding/commuting. And can get as much as 150 if I keep the speed down to 55 MPH and commute gently.

Could I get more MPG? Probably..... I don't want or need to, so I don't.

Kariverson 05-29-2019 06:24 AM

Most definitely riding style affects MPG like in cars and everything too. But the Low power mode limits the horsepower to 80% and makes throttle response less jerky. Does that make it harder or easier for the bike to reach and maintain for example a cruising speed of 70mph?

kitt0y 11-18-2019 11:00 AM

mine is a 2019 zx6r, in Full Power mode. the dashboard says my avg is 14.9km/L ... my fuel gauge blinks at 210kms after a full tank of 17Liters... I have not tried yet in Low power mode...

my bike has a full system akra, k&n filters and Woolich Reflashed...

anyone with a 2019 model can confirm there fuel consumption? im thinkin mine was too fuel hungry....

PhotoAl 11-18-2019 05:13 PM

My 2014 would get 42MPG at 80MPH very consistently, slowing down helped but not a huge amount. Gas light would go on at about 140 miles. The 2013 and newer have a trip computer which will show current and average gas mileage. On long trips on my current bike I have found the current consumption display to be my favorite. It may not be perfectly accurate but checking it a few times will give a good check. I like it as I know wether I'm doing better or worse for the current tankful. This becomes very important in places like Wyoming and Montana where gas stations may be a long ways apart. Variables that impact fuel consumption include speed, headwind, body position and luggage. In the US stuff like ethanol content will make a difference. Ethanol free will increase gas mileage a noticeable amount. Rain isn't good for mileage either although I generally go slower in the rain. In the last year I've done three long trips of 4,000 or more miles. It was surprising how much my consumption varied and sometimes I couldn't really figure what was the difference. My bike is a BMW F800GT and one of it's best features in the fuel efficiency. Ive not had a bike that could go as far at slower speeds. It has a 4 gallon tank and at interstate speeds has about the same consumption as my ZX6R 636 and CBR600RR did - 42 to 44 MPG. Slow down to 50 or 55 and it would get 65 to 70MPG! My ZX6R could never do that. It save me in Kansas on my first long trip, realized I wasn't finding gas stations so slowed down and stretched the gas. Made it to the first station 3 miles after the gas light went on.

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