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Thumbs up Ear Protection


I'm new here so be patient. I just want to ask, I've been searching the internet for the best motorcycle earplugs/hearing protection every day and still, not decided on what to buy. I was diagnosed with tinnitus last month and having a narrow ear angled canal. The doctor said it's not necessarily because of the noise from my pipes but because of the wind noise that slaps my face even while wearing a quality helmet. I really need to get the quality one, price is not an issue for me so I'd be open for recommendations and suggestions.

Your reply will highly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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I feel like we had a thread on this recently but I cant find it.

As for myself, I use these cheapo little earplugs by 3M. Theyre small, they work well, and I get em free from work

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Go to an audiologist and get fitted for custom ear plugs.Best possible route for ear plugs, especially if you have non-typical ear canals. Kudos, for deciding to protect your hearing.

If you have even greater amounts of money, do the plugs, and mount active noise cancelling headphones into your helmet.
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I wear custom ear plugs that I got fitted by an audiologist years ago; been wearing them for over 19 yrs! “Aquanot” I believe they are called. They are more insulating than any of the disposable foam kind, and you don’t need to fuss trying to get them in correctly. I can still hear the engine sounds, but the wind noise of the helmet is eliminated. I wear a top of the line Arai race helmet and the wind noise without the hearing protection is very loud, so even quality helmets aren’t necessarily quiet ones, FYI.

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I highly recommend Big Ear
. I've been using mine for about 3 years now. Comfortable, easy to clean and very durable.

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Hello and welcome!

I have used these custom molded earplugs for several years and they have been great:


I got the Noise Isolating Solid option. You can still hear the necessary things around you like horns and stuff.

I also use a set of their custom molded In Ear Monitors with my Sena helmet communication setup. They block out the noise just like their solid earplugs, but they deliver the sound from the Sena headset. Here is their entry level for that option: https://www.64audio.com/a2e-custom-in-ear-monitors

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These things work almost too good. You can get them in any ear.

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Short rides and rides at less than 50 or 60 just wear the helmet. Longer rides or anything on the interstate I wear noise isolating earbuds. I use a Sean SMH10 Bluetooth set and plug the earbuds into that. A lot of earbuds work OK but getting one that fits well, blocks outside noise and is relatively easy to put the helmet on with can be a bit of a challenge. Currently using Monoprice triple driver earbuds. I do a lot of long distance riding and having good noise blocking and audio is important. Its a pain to put in and take out every time I stop but beats hearing problems. Recently took a 5,300 mile 16 day solo motorcycle trip, earbuds worked very well for me - I made sure to not drop them on the ground and step on them like the last pair!
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I use these:

Perfect for buffering wind noise but also allows conversations with your helmet still on, and i can still listen to my music/navigation/intercom inside my helmet with them in

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